Retrobooster Updated to Version 1.1

April 25, 2014 by Terry

Upon releasing Retrobooster, the most popular request was for better support for multiple-monitor configurations. Fixing the field-of-view issues was easy. Fixing the glow effect so it didn’t look really stretched was a bit harder. And updating the levels so you can’t see their edges with a wide field of view took a decent amount of work. Here’s what it will look like now if you spread it across three monitors.

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New in version 1.1:

  • Added widescreen support for multi-monitor configurations.
    • Horizontal and vertical field of view will not go below 30 degrees, so the game will be playable with extreme aspect ratios.
    • Updated levels so the edges cannot be seen and updated glow effect so it does not appear stretched when using extreme aspect ratios.
    • Better distribution of player viewports when using extreme aspect ratios during multiplayer games.
    • Added slider bar for positioning HUD elements so they can be moved onto the center monitor.
  • Added statistics at end of each level: score per level, time per level, total game time, and frags (in deathmatch games). Speedrunners, these timers are for you.
  • Rescuing a human now boosts whichever is lower, health or shields. Previously, one would be boosted at random.
  • Fixed small user interface quirks and bugs.
  • Added libasound2-plugins to the .deb package dependencies. Audio will not work without it.

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