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Retrobooster at CogsCon

April 20, 2014

Retrobooster will be available to try at CogsCon on Saturday, April 26 from 10am to 6pm. This is a nerd/art festival put on by students of CogsWell College in Sunnyvale, California. Registration is $20 at the door (free for children 5 and under). There will be local artists, video/card/board game competitions, and a cosplay contest, […]

Retrobooster will soon be shown at a couple events in San Francisco. The first is CODAME’s 5ENSES, a festival for the five senses on November 1 and 2, 7pm-1am. The festival will include a game room where a few local indie studios will be showing their games. This event is enabled by donations. Please give […]

My head needed time to stop spinning after trying to absorb fourteen straight hours of indie game screencasts and conversations between developers, hosts, YouTube personalities, and gamers. Alix and Calvin, the duo behind Legend of Dungeon, decided to give something back to the gaming community after having their game greenlit on Steam Greenlight. In one […]

GDC Impressions

April 9, 2013

Recently, I took my first trip to Game Developers Conference (GDC). It was an all-around educational experience. Retrobooster hasn’t supplied me with a budget yet, so I bought a relatively inexpensive expo-only pass and went there just to meet people and do some networking. It was good to get a feel for the video game […]

Atari Party

July 30, 2012

The Digital Game Museum threw an Atari Party yesterday at Cogswell Polytechnical College in Silicon Valley. The highlight was having Al Alcorn come and speak about his work at Atari in the pioneering days of computer games. He was Atari employee number three and created Pong while he was there. Several other early Atari employees […]