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For more than a decade now Intel has crippled its own OpenGL driver to protect Windows users from themselves, causing OpenGL screensavers to run slowly with software rendering or not run at all. The proper way to run would be at a high frame rate using hardware acceleration. The partial workaround all this time has […]

Updated Apple Ports of RSS

October 16, 2012

Stephane just informed me that he has some updated Apple ports of Really Slick Screensavers. They now support Mountain Lion and Retina Displays. Thanks, Stephane!

This week I had a chance to install Really Slick Screensavers on a Windows 7 computer with Intel graphics. As it has been for as long as I can remember, OpenGL 3D screensavers run slowly on Intel graphics because they are disabling hardware acceleration. Intel says they disable hardware rendering due to “potential compatibility issues […]

High Quality Specular

August 10, 2011

Here is a trick you can do with shaders to remove common ugly artifacts from your specular highlights. You might have seen it before–the Microcosm screensaver uses this technique to good effect. I’m sure other people have thought of this, but I haven’t seen it written up anywhere, and it’s a simple enhancement that can […]

Website Redesign

June 29, 2011

Welcome to the new Really Slick website.  It was probably overdue for a redesign.  In the past, this site had a list of news items that was updated periodically; it was mainly used for announcing new and updated screensavers.  This news section has now been expanded into the blog that you’re reading.  The intention is […]