Rocket Smoke Test

May 23, 2012 by Terry

So an email arrived from this guy Grant with a whole bunch of good ideas for Retrobooster. Among them, he suggested there should be smoke coming out of the player’s ship. Thanks, Grant.

In the video you can see the rocket smoke deflecting off of surfaces. That’s done with some very crude particle forces that are carefully placed when you fire your rockets. It would be great to do a full-blown fluid dynamics simulation, but that’s just too computationally expensive. I hope players will be too busy playing the game to worry about little flaws in the way the smoke moves.

Right now I can’t decide if I want to keep so much smoke; it seems sort of overdone. At the least, I think it should be used when the ship is damaged. Or maybe there should be a tight stream of gray smoke when the ship is healthy and a lot of sputtering black smoke when it isn’t. I’ll probably just keep it like this for a while and see what people think.

5 Responses to “Rocket Smoke Test”

  1. It is pretty distracting, but the effect is nice. I couldn’t see missiles through the smoke. I really like when the smoke hits surfaces and you don’t need the smoke trail for that. You could get that effect with dustoff particles created when thrusting near a surface.

  2. Michael Horne

    Try it with slightly less substance to the smoke. It’s looking like light dust at the moment. Nice effect tho

  3. What you need to do is scale it with proximity to ground.
    That way you turn smoke into ground dust.

    The effect looks great when lifting off… It looks like dust.

  4. It kind of sounds like I should reduce the amount of rocket smoke and work on ground dust next. Dust could be a different color of smoke created by a particle emitter on the ground. Lots of possibilities here. Arg, I need to be doing this full time, but that will start in a few more weeks.

  5. I like it, the more the better. yum!

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