Are you hungry?

Velocidevorium is a 3D snakelike casual/action game all about eating. It is in the early alpha stage of development, so the focus is currently on gameplay and features. There is little in the way of art, sound effects, and music at this point, but I am generating ideas for those as development progresses.

Consistent with the snake genre, this game is about devouring everything in sight without running into your own tail. The levels are (extremely) procedural because the 3D surfaces you play on are constantly changing, providing a unique game feel. The surfaces change shape, pull apart, and come back together as you navigate toward food.

There are currently four single-player game modes starting with a classic snakelike game challenging you to eat as much as you can in a limited amout of time. Other modes feature enemy serpents and tons of ice cream. A couch combat mode has been prototyped, but I would like to spend more time developing it along with other multi-player modes.

Velocidevorium has already been Greenlit on Steam and I have started some early alpha playtesting. The plan now is to finish the game and publish it. There is the possibility of putting it on Steam Early Access, but no decision has been made on that option yet.

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Velocidevorium is powered by OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, SDL, and SDL_mixer.


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