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Demo speed run

March 26, 2014

People have been asking me about speed runs lately, so I decided to speed run the demo version of Retrobooster. I did it in 2:24.965. See if you can beat that. To get an accurate time, I added a timer to the game that only counts up while you’re actually playing. This lets you rest […]

Simulating Spiders

March 5, 2014

Spoilers ahead. If you do not want to learn about some of the more revolting monsters in Retrobooster, stop reading now. Cave-flyers commonly have stationary and flying enemies but not enemies that crawl along surfaces. These are probably left out because they are a lot of extra work, but they allow for fun new enemy […]

Retrobooser Has Been Released

February 21, 2014

It’s been a long time coming, but Retrobooster is available for purchase. It’s a true thrill to finally put this game out in the wild. Thank you to everyone who supported this project along the way: family, friends, testers, and open source contributors. Get Retrobooster.

Retrobooster Trailer

January 20, 2014

The official trailer for Retrobooster is finally out. The full game will release on February 21, 2014. You can download the demo right now if you want to give it a try. If you like it, don’t forget to vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Special thanks goes to Greg and Eric (blog, Twitter) for […]

First of all, I am planning to release Retrobooster on February 21. It will be available for purchase from this website, the Humble Store, Indie Game Stand, and Desura. I may sign up with one or two more distributors still. I am also working on a new trailer, which should be posted early next week […]

Retrobooster on Be Indie Now

December 9, 2013

Be Indie Now Episode 6 is out now. This is Tobiah Mark’s podcast where he has interviews and panel discussions with indie game developers. In this episode we have a detailed conversation about Retrobooster and indie gaming.