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The Indie Games Channel picked my brain about Retrobooster a while back. Now they have posted this article that talks a bit about my vision for the game and how I go about making levels. Thanks for the cool write-up, IGC.

Retrobooster on Penguspy

January 4, 2013

Retrobooster just showed up on Penguspy. And with the Pengu Choice award! It’s great to see the Linux gaming community keeping an eye on this game. Thanks, Penguspy.

Stefan LeBlanc contacted me a couple days ago asking about Retrobooster, saying he wanted to write an article for Well, he is very fast, and here is the article.

Interview at Co-Optimus

December 20, 2012

Jason Love at Co-Optimus interviewed me regarding my work on Retrobooster. Thank you, Jason.

Etalyx over at GamersDissent posted a playthrough of part of the Retrobooster playable demo today. He’s quite good at it. I hope the later levels in the full game are a better challenge for him. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get to see him play some of those levels someday.

Interview Posted at BeefJack

December 16, 2012

Anthony Shelton at BeefJack just posted this phone interview with yours truly. Thank you, Anthony, for giving me a chance to get the word out about my work on Retrobooster.