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Programming Lightning

March 14, 2012

Programming lightning was way too much fun, so it would be silly to not give it a blog entry. Plenty of games have lightning, but the style and quality varies a lot. I wanted mine to be as realistic as possible. Later on, if I don’t think it fits with the style of the game, […]

This week I nerded out pretty hard on making panoramas from exposure fused images. Exposure fusion is something you might want to try if you have a scene with great variation in brightness. By taking pictures at different exposures you can get images that show detail in the bright areas and others that show detail […]

Retrobooster Particle Effects

September 20, 2011

As mentioned in my Thrust Ship Flight Dynamics post, the fun in Retrobooster hinges on flying around and blowing stuff up. So it was clear from the start that the particle effects needed to be as beautiful and interesting as I could make them. In particular, I wanted bright, loud, organic, swirling explosions with unique […]

From Dust Has Pretty Water

September 18, 2011

This afternoon I played the demo of From Dust on the PS3. The demo doesn’t get very deep into the gameplay, but it serves as a very cool tech demo. Here’s a movie of it. They built a really nice game engine with excellent fluid dynamics, which allows them to make really pretty water and […]

High Quality Specular

August 10, 2011

Here is a trick you can do with shaders to remove common ugly artifacts from your specular highlights. You might have seen it before–the Microcosm screensaver uses this technique to good effect. I’m sure other people have thought of this, but I haven’t seen it written up anywhere, and it’s a simple enhancement that can […]