Demo speed run

March 26, 2014 by Terry

People have been asking me about speed runs lately, so I decided to speed run the demo version of Retrobooster. I did it in 2:24.965. See if you can beat that.

To get an accurate time, I added a timer to the game that only counts up while you’re actually playing. This lets you rest your fingers a little between levels if you want. The timer will be included in the next Retrobooster update.

I had a little trouble on Level 2 and Level 4. You can probably see where. Perhaps I could shave another five seconds off this time if those parts went more smoothly. You might also notice that I slaughter some innocent humans at the beginning of the run. This gives me a negative score because you are supposed to save them, but saving them takes too long for a speed run.

On the last level, I ram some of the enemies to destroy them. Ramming will deplete your health and shields quickly, but it’s the most efficient way to destroy the weaker enemies.

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