Retrobooster Demo Updated to Version 0.9.1

January 15, 2014 by Terry

First of all, I am planning to release Retrobooster on February 21. It will be available for purchase from this website, the Humble Store, Indie Game Stand, and Desura. I may sign up with one or two more distributors still. I am also working on a new trailer, which should be posted early next week if everything goes as planned.

You can download the new version of the demo from the downloads page. The list of changes is smaller than previous updates because I spent most of the past three months improving levels that are not in the demo.

The big addition this time around is the game save feature. Your game will be automatically saved each time you beat a level. This is more useful in the full version of the game because your first pass through all the levels can take upwards of twenty hours. The demo is much shorter.

  • Added Alt-F4 key command to quit game. It’s useful for when your boss walks by.
  • The game now saves automatically each time you beat a level. There are six save game slots available.
  • You can now only get a high score when beating the final level. This fits well with the save game features.
  • In single-player games any attached game controller will now work, so you don’t have to select your controller in the Controls menu.
  • Game controller menu navigation has been improved in various ways.
  • The game is paused when its window loses focus. This is helpful if your operating system opens a window on top of your game for any silly reason.
  • Overhauled sound effects. They now have better relative gains and many sounds stand out better.
  • Many cosmetic tweaks, including some work on fire particles.

4 Responses to “Retrobooster Demo Updated to Version 0.9.1”

  1. Guillaume GASNIER

    Great job.

    Is there a chance to have a port on the Pandora (Linux Open Handheld device) that support OGLES 2.0 ?
    The website of the community and the device is


    • Hi Guillaume,
      I probably won’t think much about other devices until after the game gets released. The first platform I would want to port to is OS X. Since the Pandora runs Linux, I would recommend trying to install the demo and see if it works right now. The controls are customizable, so you might be able to get them working in a satisfactory way right now. I have not targeted OpenGL ES 2.0, so that would be a problem if the Linux graphics driver is limited to that. A bigger problem will probably be the power of the device’s CPU and GPU.

      • Guillaume GASNIER

        Hi Terry,

        I think the demo targets x86 platform.
        Pandora is an ARM platform. So I think the demo won’t start on the device.
        OpenSceneGraph could be compiled for ARM with OpenGL ES 2.0 support. So I suppose it could be possilbe to start the demo.
        The CPU runs at 1 GHz.

        • I see. I didn’t spot that part of Pandora’s spec when I looked before. I guess I would have to get one and try compiling for it. Unfortunately, I don’t know when or if that would happen right now and won’t be able to look into doing any ports until after the game is released.

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