Retrobooster Demo Updated to Version 0.6

February 26, 2013 by Terry

Version 0.6 of Retrobooster’s playable demo is now available from the downloads page. There are some bug fixes and improvements to many systems in the game, but there are no major gameplay changes. Retrobooster is still very much in beta and progressing smoothly. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Bug fixed: Fixed crash caused by missiles colliding in deathmatch games. Thanks for the report, Nick.
  • Bug fixed: Data directory was not created properly in some Linux desktop environments.
  • Bug fixed: In Co-op game, pressing fire to launch a ship would exit level if another ship had already exited.
  • Bug fixed: First level was not always being unlocked.
  • Bug fixed: Fixed rare premature level exit.
  • Improved terrain following algorithm for all walking enemies, such as Thumpers. They now creep around sharp corners more reliably without falling off terrain as much.
  • In deathmatch, other players’ missiles now target you after you spawn a ship instead of before.
  • Removed end-of-level bonuses from Deathmatch games. The current set of bonuses don’t make sense in the context of Deathmatch competitions.
  • Refined art pipeline, improving some art assets and boosting performance about 10%.
    Refined terrain tiles and many other models.
  • Added more depth to levels; the added parallax helps distinguish the foreground from background.
  • Added fullscreen switch to Settings menu.
  • Animated shootable buttons.
  • Now high scores are recorded for any player that earns one in Co-op games instead of only Player 1.
  • Added multiple high score charts to differentiate between solo, cooperative, and various difficulty levels.
  • Improved GUI navigation with arrow keys.
  • Removed “ramp” sliders for joysticks, as they have not felt useful on any sticks tested so far.
  • Added workaround for bizarre fullscreen window clipping behavior when using DPI scaling in Windows Vista, 7, and 8. Nice discovery, Joe.

Since the release of the first version of the demo, most of my time has been spent on the full game rather than this demo update. In addition to the changes you see above, I have worked on designing and prototyping levels, creating new enemies and other game entities that appear in later levels, finalizing the art pipeline, improving many art assets, and creating a new art style for levels at the end of the game. I’ll post more about that stuff later on.

Oh yeah, and I got a Twitter account finally. It will probably get more frequent (and much smaller) updates than this blog, plus random weird stuff. Follow me at @TerryMWelsh.

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