Improvements to the Heavy Matter Slug

August 3, 2012 by Terry

Today I worked on the visuals for the heavy matter slugs, Retrobooster’s instant-shot weapon. It left a smoke trail before, but that was wishy-washy and people who saw it didn’t understand it very well. Now the weapon traces a well-defined line so you know exactly where it went.

There is also a new laser pointer. Testers were asking for a tool to help with aiming, which was the original motivation for the laser. Now it seems the laser has the most utility with this particular weapon. In fact, it is almost necessary for aiming this weapon. The weapon needs to recharge between shots, so you can’t rely on shooting it repeatedly to hit your target. The laser gives you the accuracy you need.

4 Responses to “Improvements to the Heavy Matter Slug”

  1. Now that is a hell of a weapon – very Babylon 5 :-). I so want to play this!
    The fire effects are still looking very impressive indeed!


  2. Tom Flynn

    Good changes. That looks like that’ll help out a lot. That looks like that’ll communicate the effectiveness of that weapon really well.

    • For anyone reading this, Tom was one of the people who wanted a more elucidative visual effect for this weapon, so credit goes to him. Thanks Tom!

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