New Weapon Test

July 6, 2012 by Terry

This video is a test of a new weapon I have been working on the last couple days. It shoots heavy matter slugs at super high velocity, so your ship’s velocity does not influence the projectile’s movement and it hits exactly where you are aiming. There is also a new laser dot on the terrain, which has been requested by testers a few times. It helps a lot when aiming this weapon. It would be nice to have the laser somewhat visible in the atmosphere too, but I haven’t dreamed up a good way to implement that yet.

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  1. Still looks and sounds fantastic. I was wondering… spur of the moment idea: after the heavy matter hits, could it turn into a mini black hole and suck and twirl the fire and debris into it?
    In terms of the laser showing, could it vaporise air particles and give a kind of ‘parting of the Red Sea’ effect?

    Still looking forward to playing it when you release it! :-)

  2. A black hole would be pretty cool. I was actually thinking of adding a simple explosion that does area damage. It’s pretty hard to hit targets with it, so it would nice to at least do some damage when you miss. A black hole might have a similar effect.

    I’m not sure what a Red Sea effect would look like. I’ll have to think about that one some more.

  3. Take a look at these for the Red Sea parting thing:

    I was sort of imagining the laser making a channel through air particles, and that’s the kind of image that sprung to mind.

    • I might have misunderstood. There’s the new weapon that currently leaves a smoke trail in the air. And there’s also a new laser pointer for aiming, but all you can see of it so far is a little green dot on the ground. You don’t actually see the laser in the air right now. Is your sea parting idea for the new weapon or the laser pointer? I like it best for the new weapon.

  4. That looks like it will be awesome. I would think a small amount of kickback/recoil would be appropriate for such a weapon.

    I think the “red sea” effect is just a stream of particles that spreads out faster near the source.

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