More Smoke and Dust

June 1, 2012 by Terry

Viewers made some good suggestions about my Rocket Smoke Test video, so I made some improvements.

Now the nominal smoke trail is much shorter and less distracting, but when your ship takes damage it gets longer and darker. It’s a good visual cue to help you know your ship’s health. There is now ground dust that kicks up when you fire your rockets close to the ground. I tried to improve the lighting on the smoke particles. I also did some tweaking to improve the interactivity of the particles, so your movements swirl them around more realistically.

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  1. Michael Horne

    Now, _that’s_ much more realistic :-) Love it – love the sparks coming off it and the gradual degradation. I’m also loving the plasma/fireball explosions. The sound effects basically rock, too. Beautiful effects.
    * Does/shouldn’t the fires hurt our little ship?
    * Should there really be dust on the surfaces above the ship? Dust doesn’t tend to settle under surfaces… Of course, nothing to stop little bits of stone being chipped off, but it might be nice to have the pieces bigger.
    * The fires seem to drop down from above very quickly – could you have obvious pieces of shrapnel come down alight, rather than just the fire?

    Really taking shape now – can’t wait to play it!

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for all the feedback.
      * I’ve tried having the fires hurt your ship, but it gets annoying pretty fast. Sometimes you fly through a fresh explosion and take damage. It just feels unfair.
      * I don’t know about the dust above yet. What would be really nice is to have different amounts and colors of dust based on the type of surface.
      * There is shrapnel, but it might be too small to see in the video. Did you try watching it at 720p resolution?

  2. I love that missile explosion.

  3. For some reason, I am reminded of early Flash Gordon. Not sure why as that was all black and white with smoke and sparks coming out of the engines.

    • That’s excellent! That just might mean the game looks “old school” like it’s supposed to. Maybe there should be a black and white Flash Gordon mode 😉

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