Infrastructure for Testing

September 4, 2011 by Terry

I’ve been programming bits of infrastructure necessary to get Retrobooster out to testers so they can play at home. There have been three rounds of alpha testing so far–all here on my development computer. The most recent round had one tester going for a full eight hours without completing all the levels. There were about twenty levels at the time and I want the final game to have closer to forty. For further testing it must be possible for testers to play at home at their own pace.

Recently I have been working on license key protection and the ability to load data files from a .zip archive instead of a messy directory containing hundreds of files. After these things are complete and I do a little more clean-up, it should be possible to try some at-home testing.

I’m not sure how much I’ll learn from at-home testing compared to testing where I can watch people play. It should be a fun experiment at least.

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