Retrobooster in Development

June 30, 2011 by Terry

The aliens have landed, and they want to make your galaxy their galaxy. Presenting the latest oversized art project from Really Slick. Retrobooster is an old school 2D multi-directional shooter built with 3D graphics. Unlike most shooters of this ilk, you can’t run out of fuel and won’t be constantly fighting against gravity. The focus is squarely on flying around and blowing stuff up.

Retrobooster has evil aliens, spaceship-crushing machinery, people to rescue, force fields, explosions, puzzles, lots of levels, lots of ways to die, 1- to 4-player games, and more explosions. The plan for this new blog is to post updates as the game improves. To start things off, here are the very first screenshots of Retrobooster.

So far, Retrobooster is targeted at Windows and Linux.  It is built using Open Scene Graph for graphics, SDL for windowing and input device support, and SDL_mixer for sound. The price and release date have not been determined and probably won’t be determined for a long time yet.

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